Saturday, April 28, 2007

"I discovered who were my real friends. I just wished that wasn't the way I had to discover." - Trista Britton

Dear Diary,

This week was crazy, hectic and exhausting. Once again, Time Flies! i'm really running out of time : ( i can't catch up, can't catch up with time. grant me a wish- please stop the time. today's the first paper. oh well, as expected : / ( psst! jason! your sentenses didn't help! ). one subject down, 7 more to go. for the very first time, i'm worried, i'm stressed. damn, if only i listened in sec 3, then i won't be suffering now : ( i know whats important now, not that naive anymore. i've grown up, i really did(:

it's scary to see how time passes so fast.
I miss him so much that I can't find any words to describe how I feel.
Today's friday. No to books : D

Don't judge me based upon how I used to be, I've changed, I'm no longer that little girl who'd do anything for your smile

Monday, April 23, 2007

"I think I'm in love with you." - dawson's creek

It's the weekend again :D Friday was Speech Day, although it was boringgggggg, i had fun with my brothers (: All the brothers sat together in a row & i guess we were one of the noisiest row in the hall! okay, they just really simply made my day again <3 you brothers! that'll be the last speech day for us & they've made it memorable for me(:

Saturday was mugging with manda panda! but we didn't do much :/ okay, this made me damn guilty. manda & nessa had just saw the really worried side of me! Haha. they went off and i met jason for dinner. thats about my saturday spent(:


Nicole Bro <3

This is super sweet! Jasmine sent my birthday gift!
Jasmine- The letter you wrote is super sweet & touching. thank you bestie, we're best friends now and we'll still be a million years later.

Happy Belated Birthday Junyang!
23rd April - Timothy!
24th April - Serena & Genevieve
25th April - Rachel:D

you said we'll be friends. i made the first move, you didn't.

Friday, April 20, 2007

"I'll still be here, and if it's meant to be, we'll be together." - One Tree Hill

Today's is Thursdays! goodness! it's scary looking at how the time passes, each day. i stood there helplessly, looking at my Count-Down-To-Mid-Year pasted on my table. the number of days left gets smaller & smaller & worst, i've done nothing.

this week went on fine(: today's thursday which means P.E day! :D no more frisbee, & it's finally basketball :D sometimes i really wonder why basketball can bring so much joy to me. not dance, not skating, but basketball, surprisingly.

oh, it's Speech Day tomorrow. i am participating. not as a performer, but audience:D Xiang Min, Envy me. HAHA! i know you've dreaded tomorrow to come. but, don't worry, i'll give you my full support, alright darling? (: however, Speech Day is one occasion i'll never forget. SD'04 was the day, the day that.. oh well. History.
better get going, more in the weekends:D ciaos

it was Bagpack day(:

4E2, see the bond:D

Exactly 10

5th of every month, i'll never forget, best friend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Damn The Stupid Door Lock!
i was super pissed yesterday, or should i say, pissed, sad, shocked & happy at the same time. yst was supposed to be my birthday celebration with Sn2. kim told me that the guys couldn't come cause they were playing bball. esther said she couldn't make it too, cause she's going out with her mum. i have no idea where's shiang. sadly, kim was the only one who could make it only. by the time, i was already quite pissed with them.

oh well, so i went down to the coffeeshop to get grandma's dinner first & when i came back, i couldn't open the stupid door lock! i was stuck outside the house! my grandma, kim & me tried to hammer & saw the lock. haha, and obviously, it didn't work. i had no choice, but to call the lock smith.
me: my house door lock is spoilt & i'm stuck outside the house, how much will it cost for you to come down?
Lock Smitch Co: oh, $50
me: siaoooooo, $50 dollars?
i hung up.
kim called and scolded the person.
i called again.

Lock Smitch Co: i give you discount. $45
me: siao la, it's only a door lock okay!
Lock Smitch Co: okay $40
me: so ex!
Lock Smitch Co: you call 995, FREE one!
me: wtf. FINE!
so, i called 995! HAHA!
me: hello, my house door lock is spoilt & i'm stuck outside the house. can u come over?
995: whose in the house?
me: my grandma
995: is she in emergency?
me: no
995: sorry we only break open the door if only someone's in emergency.
me: ahhhh
995: unless your grandma in emergency
Haha, i was super pissed & in the end i called Lock Smitch again.

me: i'm a student only. i am alone & i dont have enough money. $30 OK?
Lock Smitch co: okok..
oh freaking hell! i was super pissed. i called my mum & she was laughing all the way! & i cried la! @*$&*&#*%$
& "BOO" Surprise!
they came up to my place & gave me a surprise!
However, everything was ruined! Ruined by the Stupid Lock. they have already planned a surprise for me, and even my mum & grandma know about it & they were behing it too! Damn Lock spoilt the most wonderful Surprise in my life. Fuck it.

Curse it @#$%^&*(
i really had a Surpise!
I had to cut the cake outside my house luh : /
we had no choice but climbed in though the window.

love them to bits <3

as known as BowBee?
Junhao & Alex



Thank you people [:

Alex, Andre, Bobby, Caixin, Darren, Dominick, Esther, Eugene, Jovyvn, Lester, Nathanial, Timothy, Junhao, Shaingling & kimli.
Thank you people! although the surpise wasn't successful : (

When my heart stops beating, thats gonna be the day i'll stop loving you.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

"It seems a little sad that I was the girl whose only purpose was to help you find out who you're really in love with." - Dawson's Creek

uhmm, so yesterday was Sports Day. we were dimissed at 10.45 & The Nines went for lunch. it was the very first time that all of us (except ilene) could go out together : D although it was just for that 2 hours, i really enjoyed it(: Sometimes i wonder, all of us are of different personalities, however, how can we still click?
one simply answer: we are all of the same insanity.
it was our very last Sports Meet & it was really fun, crazy & memorable :D
>Playing some stupid chinese games
>Cheering for my brothers (you guys were great :D)
>Lauging like some madddddd people
>Going crazy with nicole
>Disturbing people
>Singing & Dancing ( i sang for them! HAHA)
>Cam whoring
>& i love the dedicating of songs the most :D (E2, did you people hear the dedication from nicole & me? E2 yi tiao xin <3)
however, the Workout was a dissappointment : (
oh, Hawk House wonnnnnn again aye :D
Next, was dinner at amk. some left, in the end, nicole,khai,venice,zhengrui & i went to the fountain there and played ball. thanks people, you guys really made my day :D

If only ilene was there.
So family-like(:

Since Primary one. She was 30, i was 31.


Nicole Brother! Thanks for the Cinnamon dougnut you bought:D
Haha, Peifen's so gonna kill me if she sees this!
Thats the girl i love to disturb, Joei. just one Bitch:D
Hello Best Friend.
Ming Zhen!
Peifen's showing off.

Gwennie the Retard :D
Mei Mei-S
The Lamp Post
Brace-less ;D

The Lamp Post Light Bulb:D
Here comes the Five Heroes!

Here we are again, so loved:D
Yet, i still don't recieve any birthday wishes from you.
How could you forget?
Not that you're still loved,
I'm just dissappointed.