Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Another chance is all I need to make things right. Give me that chance."

My dad woke me up from my nap for Ban Mian (dinner) and my plan was the sleep till the next morning :( I'm dead tired. zzzzzz dozed off during all my tutorials today zzzzz ok I've learnt my lesson now. no partying if there's school the next day!
so...after much hesitation, I went for St James in the end (according to Wei En, it was the last party so yeahh... that made my heart itchy itch heehee) actual plan was Rogue, checked out the place and decided to head for St James instead. R&B and trance (I don't really like trance...) cabbed down to Shaw's Mac after the party. we wanted to hangout till morning then off to school but yeah, as you know, I need sleep (sleepiness just overtook. I could hardly focus on anything) we headed back home in the end. touched home @ 5, slept at 530 and woke up at 830 and see myself rushing for school.

Imma Zombie Now
pictures and then off to bed!

heehee enlarge this (see the smiling man)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Sometimes a feeling you start to have again is one you never stopped having."

Greetings from me.
Christmas was awesome. what more can I ask for when I spent my pre, during and post Christmas with my Best Friend?

Hate to go into details, so..

  • Christmas Eve dinner @ relatives'
  • Supper + Countdown to Christmas w Bestie @ Gardens
  • Christmas Day home-steamboat @ Jingy's
  • then to Bestie's for sleepover

+ shopping yst with Mandyyyyyyyy omgz kids nowadays know nothing about recession just like me! hehehe

ok piccas time!

School toms

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"How much I didn't want to see you is actually how much I hoped I did. How ironic"

I need to sleep soon. I am dead tired from the all the havoc last night. so let me get this done asap. yesterday was TPSU Christmas PJ Party! gr8t party w all the screaming and dancing around:) left the party at 10 for Zouk.
one word: Awesome
okok hurry hurry chop chop get the peektures uploaded and then off to bed! seeya!

Mandy @ my place being my fashion consultant
Hello Kitty PJ!
All ready for the party

Ruth & her ducky

Shawn! (Buddy! *eye winks winks*)


Feng jie

I like this alot hehehe

Yums Yums

Don't eat my pizza!

gift exchange (which dumb person actually wrapped this)


Jam & Hop


bye bye to the party

off to zouk

while q-ing

3 best friends 3 years ago

Few days back, went down to support Kyung's dance & bboxing performance


It took me years to suppress the feelings I had for you but it only took that few seconds of your appearance to bring it all back. I was scared. I didn't want to see you, but why is it so that at the same time, my eyes just couldn't stop searching for you? why why why??? whenever I see you I'll just lose myself. so much for constant effort to keep you out of my mind but all gone in just 1 sight. so, I guess I shouldn't see you forever? fuck it I'm such a sucker in this. help.