Sunday, July 26, 2009

Please give me one more try for the sake of our love,
Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up,
I can't love one more day without you in my arms,
I could never find another like you.

How was your week?
Mine has been rather gr8 :)
Nic's Birthday, Powerhouse, UT performance, Threesome, George's bar, Shopping!

Nic's Birthday BBQ

Nicole Brother♥

Fish's eye (I wonder actually do fishes really see things this way?)

BBQ, bridge, daidi, drinking, indian poker, forfeits, camwhore, happy.

Ladies night @ Powerhouse

It was a sort of a last minute decision to Powerhouse. Initial plan was to Butterfact. We got in straight through guest list but still, in the end we went over to Powerhouse instead. It wasn't that bad, no trance, purely R&B ^^ I really did let my hair down & enjoyed my night ttm.
Joke of the night:
Nic was drunk and she actually asked me "YOU JING ZAI NA LI" (Where's you jing) for 3 times! I didn't know what to say at the 3rd time. hahaha
However, hey bro, I hope you had fun! I luv you berri berri much. More to come, yeah? xxx

UT Performance

Apart from the time I mixed up my lines, the time I almost spoke when it wasn't even my turn yet, and the times I couldn't help myself and laughed a little, I guess our UT performance turned out pretty good:) From this, I really have learnt that acting isn't as simple as I thought it was. There goes my acting dream... hahaha

Mandy, Jingy + Me

(Jingy, thankQ for flooding my camera)

Dinner, playground, gossips, long night chat about ___!
I can't believe it and I'm so polluted :(

123 @ George's bar

Quoted from Simone's blog:
"Tonight, 123 went George's. beer beer and more beer, drinkdrankdrunk, high, crazy, camwhore, pool, concentration mixed, indian poker, five captain, super duper awesome time."

As for saturday, I stayed home and completed my HRM project after Steffi's years (zillion years)! Yay! & I would rather quit school than to retake HRM(if I fail) thats how much I hate it! I went shopping today to reward myself for completing my project hehehe. Finally had my nails done. cuteyyyyy:D
I'm gonna sleep early to replenish the sleep I've lost.
Sweet dreamzx

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am still living in the dream I don't ever want to wake up from.
It's too good to be true...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"I want to feel the rush, running into my heart, shaking up my soul, feeling just like before"

I gave myself one last chance last night, but you didn't allow me to.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Because someone asked me if I'll get together with you if you ever ask, and I replied, Yes."

Since I can't get myself to start on my Human Resource project so I figured I might as well blog now and start on it tomorrow...heheehe!
My holiday was AWESOME, but the after holiday was crazy, all the catching up with work/projects/test, driving me nuts! if i am to go into details for what I've been doing for the past 1 month, I think I'll prolly flood this post, so I'll just do some summarising:)
  1. 2 weeks over @ Europe (London/Paris/Reading) Trip was good, apart from the musuem visits ^^
  2. Home alone + Quarantined from school = PARTY for a week!
  3. Stayovers!
  4. Ah Siao cut my hair (turned out pretty good)
  5. "Illegal Driving" @ midnight
  6. Steamboat over at Mandy's + sleepover
  7. Late night suppers
  8. Drinking session with Steff/Feng (Stef got high, Feng puked 5 times, I knocked out)
  9. SN2 Friday night party
  10. Best Friend day out
  11. Fun fun and more fun, party party and more partying! :D

Time flies when you're having fun and soon I went back to school... school's madness! I need a break. I'm so stress till I fell sick okie! no laughing matter! my nose is like a faulty running tap now. it feels like its gonna drop anytime soon! and no! it's not SWINE! I think I better go rest now. Goodnight'all.

(Photos will be up asap)