Saturday, August 28, 2010


Life can never be better, for now!

This 1 month study break indeed is an awesome break from study!!!

Firstly, I've got to announce that on the 3rd August 2010, with a total of 18 demerit points, I passed my TP! with 8 points for proceeding on amber light (like who the hell chiong for the traffic light on a driving test) but anyway, I still passed! Very happy so I decided to forgive the tester for being such a grumpy old man hahaha! I was so proud and started boasting to my brother that I've passed my BTT in 1 try, my FTT in 1 try and also, my TP in 1 try! and he was saying "yeah. you go out to the road in 1 try and lose your license in 1 try too" haha! I think that was quite funny though... (alright. I'm losing a little of track)

Mandy's Hawaiian Party♥

Anyway, we took off to Melbourne on the last day of school for jie jie's wedding & holiday! (more about the trip and her wedding on the next post)

Next up was clique chalet which was pretty good with Omegle, crazy card games, fell asleep with hell lot of noises around me, so cramped up in such small space, woke up and got raped by Shir, Mac brunch, watched YOG, and then home for more sleep!

Legendary slut wink* (look at marcus! so cute ^^)

Followed by a very productive shopping spree with Sheral love there was this very pretty ZARA dress which costed $59.90 the time I set my eyes on it. I couldn't bear to buy it so I waited for ZARA sales and it became $39.90. I was actually looking for a dress for jiejie's wedding so I thought after getting the dress for the wedding, I would go back to get the ZARA dress and I actually forgot all about it. and during the shopping spree with Sheral, THE DRESS WAS SELLING AT ONLY $19.90 !!! Freaking good buy! :D moral of the story: good things worth to wait

Last Sat, saw myself rushing for Marcus's Suntec audition and then to jiejie's singapore wedding! (more of her wedding on the next post)

Wed was Step up 3 with TPDE and then Butter at night!

Yesterday was Bestie's birthday celebration at her place with Band hero. they always make me feel really happy♥♥♥

These are the highlights of my study break. rest of my free time are spent catching up with friends, family, with sleep and dramas!

Happy 19th Bestie! I love you! muacks!