Saturday, June 27, 2009


Family flew to Italy early this morning and I'm currently staying over at Ming Ming Biao Yi's place. my flight back is tomorrow and I heard that I must be quarantined for a week! which means no school for another week. GG!
Can't wait all the sleepovers:D & this is what I call HOLIDAY!
Alright, off to shopping soon!

Happy Me
1230PM London
0730 PM Singapore

Thursday, June 18, 2009

HELLO I AM AT LONDON NOW!!! London is like 7 hours behind time of Singapore's! It's now 8.35 PM and its still as bright as ever! its really cold here, though its summer. I'm wearing shorts and I'm freezing! anyway, it's only the 2/3 day here and I'm missing everyone already! I'm eating alot (BUT I walked alot as well) hehe! I'll be going to Paris in a few days time.... can't wait! :D Bestie, stop envying and study hard alright!!!! will call you the minute I touch down Singpore:D

See Yaaaaaaaaa Luvvvvvvvvvvv<3
London 8.40PMInternet Cafe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I miss you and I secretly wish that you know it"
I'm flying off to Europe in exactly 11 hours time! I'll be back 2 weeks later (29th/ monday), my parents 3 weeks later and my brother 1 month later. hehehe!!! I'm so excited for the trip, excited for skipping a week of school, and even more excited for the 1 week alone in Singapore! ^^

See you'all in 2 weeks time!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"I never wanted anything, other than to be your everything."

Friday/Sat's prawning wasn't as productive as the previous one. But still... I luv night-out like this with the Usuals:) The Kway Chap @ Bishan is so yummy! we had like 2 bowls of kway each hehehe wants more ^^

Make up girl hehe

we were trying to take our double chins!
Peace yo!

zzzzzz no prawns :(

It was 5 by the time we finished prawning. we were so exhausted to even bbq the prawns and went home straight instead. Off to Jingy's place:) yay haven't stayed over for such a long time already. (recalling sec school days) htht and we fell asleep in record time!

Finally met up with Christina. Talked about almost everything. she's seriously damn cute lah! (this gonna boost her ego again) Chris, I enjoyed the night with you. I'll see you real soon again alright? luv you alot.

As for today, I caught Drag Me To Hell. Almost choked on my water when Buddy screamed hehe! but gotta admit that some parts are rly shocking, some are rly hilarious and cartoonic. Anyway I feel sick:( I'm drowning myself with water now. can't be sick can't be sick can't be sick! I'm looking forward for my tripppppppppppppppppppppppp help

Friday, June 12, 2009

"I live for the nights I don't remember, but the friends I'll never forget"

Hols been really great so far. my schedule is so filled that I can hardly have some personal time. It's really good catching up with some old friends, i mean secondary school friends, not that they're old. luvvvvv them infinity coz I'll never be sad with them around. my happy pills♥
I've been really happy! (insert many many smileys)
Can't remember myself being so happy ever since all the unhappy things that happened. its like finally I've opened my mind and heart to everything. what for be sad over some dumb things when there are better things to make me be happy for :) I mizz being me, the happy me.
so yayyyyy, I hereby announce that I.Am.Back!
(with a new blog, a new beginning)

Lets start of from the 1st day of holidays
Monday 8 June 2009

I went back to school to check my selection results & mainly to look for the course manager. I've got into my first choice: Marketing & Tourism
is it something to be happy for? hmmm idk. I just hope I've made the right choice.
Finally watched Terminator!!!
theres so many movies I've yet to watch :(
Drag me to hell, The ghosts of girlfriends past, night @ the musuem 2, The taking of Pelham 123 , Dance subaru, Blood the last vampire, State of play!!!!

Tues 9 June 2009

Sn2 girlies outing. yayyyy finally outing for the 4 of us. Esther's bf got enlisted. enough said! thats why she was there with us. wa lao why is boyfriend always placed before friends! I swear I'll never be like that! Friends come first, forever ^^
Joke of the day was when Kim fell down hahaha! I'm even laughing now at the thought of it hehe! Omg damn funnyyyy she only realised that there was a HUMP at the bottom of the slope when she was halfway down!
(ok slap myself for laughing. later karma hahaha)

Wed 10 June 2009

Out with the usuals♥ I was late and they were even later, as usual. Birthday treat to Carls Junior for both of them. they ripped me off! hahahaha did a little shopping and then they accompanied me to school for dance. techniques techniques and more techiques! now my whole body's aching like there's no tomorrow :( it hurts even when i sneeze. its that terrible:( I feel paralyzed.
Off to town after dance to meet Yee Ling after her work. Had dins, shopped, went into NUM w/out having to feel scared at all yayyyy and that was my first time into Cine NUM like seriously. I'm so useless rightttttttttt, but things will get better :)

We talked everything <3

Thurs 11 June 2009

I met up with Mandy like after 2 months and 1 day! happy ttm :D had lunch and then off to my place. updated each other about everything, cam whore, facebook-ing, gossipping, blog hopping, and karaokeparty! Darl, do you know that my mom could actually hear us sing out at the living room. hahaha! hell lots of fun and laughter:)

As for today, I'm currently replenishing all the rest that I need for tonight! Excited to the maxxxxxxxxxxxx! meeting them after their work at 12mid, supper, prawning, then off to Jingy's place :D
Happy Birthday Jingy. I hope that you'll enjoy yourself t9.
Love you everyday ♥

Friday, June 5, 2009

"Everything that you could never say would never matter anyway."

Mid sem tests are overrrrrr yayyyyyyyy! I hate last min crammings & even worse still when nothing gets into your brain! I'm looking back at my previous entries now. I've just realised that they're all so short. & since I've the feel to blog today, I shall give you a damn wordy post to compensate for my short ones ^^ feel free to X this! I really wonder how some people have got so much to say everyday in their blogs? don't they ever run out of something to say? Let me try something new. I want to blog my day down in detail.

3 alarm clocks didn't work on me. I overslept, washed up in record time, to find that everyone were late as well. Steff came over first, then to the court for bball w Feng & Kim. Feng & I VS Steff & Kim. We won the match. Steff & Kim ran 10 rounds around the court hee!!!! Kim left and we went for lunch. we had our favourite Ban Mian yummms. Feng went home to wash up and Steff back to my place. Showered, slacked and then to Trinity bus stop to meet Feng again. Off we go to Safra Mind Cafe with 123. we played board games, games to see how much they know me and how much I know them. its saddening that all of them relate me to food/sleep/money. Happy hour over, Steff & I rushed down to TPY for some Tupperware party (with Kim too). we had fun inhaling helium. yadayada and off to home! :) Oh I want to add that Steff and I were very lucky today. Our buses came just in time we reached the bus stops and the green man lighted up whenever we reached the traffic lights. heeeheeee

I'm boring you isn't it?
I think this is my longest post for the month/year or smt.

Its my 2 weeks hols now :D
I need major cheering up to do!
I mizz my secondary school friends.
I mizz my Best Friend.
Bestie, I need you:(
text me when you see this?

OMG I can't believe that you're still reading this post.
Great patience you've heehehe!!
Congratulation~ You've completed the journey of Tan You Jing's life on 5th June 2009.

I lied to myself, and said it was for the best...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm in such pain