Monday, June 30, 2008

“If you have nothing in life but a great friend, you’re rich.”

The week flew by fast! life has been pretty enjoyable(: I'd watched The Happening, Hulk, Zohan and Wanted. Wanted is such a great movie. A-Must-Not-Miss-Movie + there's Angelina Jolie's butt in there. wow hotttttttt. Zohan was such a Hui Jing type of movie (have you watched it, Jing?) Hulk was exciting. The Happening was like hurrrr-.- okay. apart from spending my life on watching movies, my cousins were back in Spore for a week long holiday. we had gathering twice and I followed the guys out the other night to SS (so awful, even ciggs tasted so much better)

Fast foward.

Yesterday was a blast. we (Steffi, Feng, JH, Alex, Dom) had so much fun! :D Skating, Climbing, Sliding, Photo taking, Singing, Dancing, Screaming, Running, Piggy-backs, so on. & I really got so sick in the end. But days like these, can really make my week so great (:

Today we were suppose to do some work and look what we'd ended up doing:

Quick! hand over the donut before you get hurt!!

My Buddy Love.

Awww they love me.

& we love you too!

First family gathering:

Second family gathering:

how adorableeeeeeeee

Daddy's favourite girls


Yesterday's memories:

Buddy was smiling inside! how dumb

our favourite photo