Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled."

Simone wants a edited photo of us. so here it is!

Steffi joined our clique (hunt for cute guys still on 24/7)

We were late for tutorial yesterday.
today's our very 1st lecture and I swear we wanted to be early.
it was raining cats & dogs + all kind of other animals (really heavy rain) this morning.
I met Yufeng at the bus stop @ 745. we took bus service 22 all the way to bedok reserviour and alighted. we were then supposed to take bus service 69 to school (2 stops)
we waited for 15 mins
bus 8 passed by 3 times
bus 5 passed by 3 times
bus 67 passed by 3 times
we had a limit to our patience.
I send a message to Iris and it told me that the next bus service will arrive in 8 minutes time.
I trusted it since it was always so accurate in estimating.
another 15 minutes had passed, and yet bus 69 was not in sight.
we got really mad and decided to walk to school instead.
we walked a few steps, not far away from the bus stop, we saw bus 69 from a distance.
we went back to the bus stop and waved frantically.
the bus just went passed w/out stopping. it was packed.
we were practically jumping & screaming at the bus stop!
so we walked to school in the end.
when we reached Temasek's bus stop, 3 bus service 69 came in a row

We were late for lecture.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"I've made new friends, as great as the olds, but I never did stop thinking about the good o' times"

You Jing, Simone, Yufeng & Yi Jing ! (F4)

Apart from those cheerings & packing us like sardines, I think orientation is rather fine. we had Jam & Hop last night. I think I enjoyed myself coz I really don't know when was my last time shaking my bootie like that hahaha
Oh I have a clique (above photo) in my class as well. Yi Jing's always so quiet so it's actually always Simone, Yufeng and me contributing to the noises. we're 24/7 on hunt for cute guys till the SL couldn't stand us any longer. thank god I have friends as crazy as I'm in my class. we'll be goodie great friends ! :D I have tutorial on monday (9 - 11 ) and then I can go home -.-

Monday, April 14, 2008

"The night was such a crowd. Everyone was everywhere, but I saw you first."

my favourite photo with my favourite person in the whole wide world!

the crazy guy who randomly gave his number to girls he don't know

Dawei wasn't there please
& Eugene Fock you're so gay.

After knowing that they're a pair, Daddy immediately said "Go feed her once more!!"

2 moms
4E2 (khai I hate you)
Skaters Love

The Nines (6/9)
Germaine & Jason
Seah Hui

Boyfriend for 30 secs

The camera died on me when I wanted a photo with Chao Ah Beng

Fellow colleagues, love 'em!

My seventeenth birthday party was a BLAST!
Firstly I was worried if Sticky Rice could fit a capacity of 50 pax
Secondly I was worried if the food was enough
Thirdly I was worried if some of my friends would feel left out
Lastly I was worried if I could entertain all at one time
everything turned out Fabulous :D
Firstly, everyone could fit into the restaurant
Secondly, the food was good
Lastly I could get everyone's attention for the games.
I hope you people had fun and enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I hope some of you didn't feel left out (coz I have so many different groups of friends at my party) & I hope I was a great host. Thank you people for making my seventeenth birthday so memorable. Love you people many many !!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"When I fall in love it will be forever, or I'll never fall in love."

We saw the banner "Discussions on solving illegal parkings" on the road side and my mom parked the car right infront of it. hahaha

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love"
Stayover at Mandy's

Last Friday was my last day of work @ Sticky Rice. Now I'm so bored I have nothing to do. And I'm getting bored from blogging.
What shall I do?