Saturday, August 23, 2008

Love is life's sweet mystery, and You're my life's sad history.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Coz when I'm with you, all my troubles are gone. Bestie, you're the BEST thing from above"

yours truly..

Buddy Me and Cuppucino

Best Love.

Hi all! it's the hols now! I mean if you exclude the 3 papers on the 25th & 27th Aug , I'll be having a 2 month break from now. whoopiiiidoooo coz school has been such a bore! can't wait to hit off for Sydney (Kor Kor here I come) :D

Yesterday was simple but gr8. we had CSA (computing) paper in the morning, class outing in the afternoon and night out with lovely Bestie. after the paper, we went over to The Cathay for Aston, then to SMU for drinks, boardgames & to feed mosqitoes, walked over to Raffles Place, to Shaw Tower, settled for dinner and thats when I left for Bestie. Dinner @ Swens with Bestie and then to M&S where she got me Percy Pigs and some small Petzels (which she claimed that's really nice), shopped a lil here & there and trained home.
Bestie, I love every moment we spend together. sounds mushy, but hey, I don't see any reason for me to live w/out you. I don't need any guy, I just need you, my Best Friend.

Caught Meet Dave a couple of hours ago. uhmm, recommended by Tan You Jing. so it's not bad(:

Have an early sleep, it's good for you. g'night all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"she could talk about him all day long, but when he's actually there, she's speechless.”

Really hope we can be friends at least.
but you didn't reply.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Sometimes your brain gets in the way, of what your heart really wants to say."

Hi. Buddy & I looked forward to blading so much and the rain burst our bubbles :( so we freaking went to all the way ecp and had Mac instead of blading! how disappointing. after the pour, we went over to Marina Square to catch the fireworks. + taking the lift @ Pan Pacific + Sakae +
cam whoring at the grass patch + blading to the Convection Centre + Prata house. How I spend the lovely National Day.

Piccas 4 euuu

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"It's not any normal fling, I'm going all the way this time."

It took me freaking 30 minutes just to click "Add As Friend"
I'm not doing anything
Nothing's gonna happen

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"You were so near but it's hard to make a conversation when you're taking my breath away."


Wednesday: OB Presentation/Ector dinner!

stripes co.


Do you know that my ambition is to become a CID?

Danial's wonderful photography skills
Part of Ector

BaoBao trying to AA (attract attention)

Theme: Superheroes
(L) Ector


w Joker

Bao Bao!

I had so much fun really.
oh guess what. mommy msn-ed me from the living room

yap says: can u go to bed now
starry starry night says: wait
yap says: sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hahahaha omg I can hear her storming. betta get going! promised her I'll sleep early t9. seeeeeeyouuuuuuuu (L)