Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mummy is watching "The Haunting" now on tv.
Daddy is out for dinner.
Brother is missing in action.
Yeeling is nagging to me that i shouldn't take a bath so late.
Manda just called.
Phakathorn is being crazy.
Xi jie is doing b-boying @ o school.
Shawn misses gene.
Rene is asking me silly questions.
Bobby asked why am i so high.
Shiang just went jogging with me.
I'm figuring how to get rid of the irritating pimple in one night!
I'm going to watch jason's soccer match tomorrow.
I miss jason.

This is Random.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"You shouldn't regret anything that you say, because it's what you were feeling at the moment."

Happy Birthday Lincoln Koh :DDD

Rene, I can't wait to go dance dance dance!

Chinese was so screwed.
but for now, Good-Bye to Chinese! whoooooo
Hey people! it's the June Holidays already :D and guess how am i going to spend my wonderful 2-weeks holiday? yes, i'm going to spend it fruitfully.
for now, i'll be dating with my books, my new best friends.
but not forgetting my BESTIE, XIANG MIN either!
i miss you so much dearest!
meet up real soon alright? (oh and i heard from chengni that the new dance instructor's really terrible! )

* just got to know that actually the teachers are reading our blogs. hoho, i'm cool with it (:

much loved.

Monday, May 28, 2007

"I have learned a few things from my past, and I know someday I'll find a love that's going to last."

We have joy,
We have fun,
We have seasons in the sun (:

I'll be back soon.
Hopefully with a really jaunty post having done my Chinese O's smoothly.
till then,
Chen You Jing
27 May 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

"As long as you're happy, I'll deal with the consequences."

Love you so much, BFF <3

Yesterday was fabulous! "Bff, lets meet up!" we have been saying that for the past few months and finally we met up yesterday! :D so long since i've met you best friend! yes, we sure took a long time to get along. however, we are still as crazy as ever (: cheryl & eugene were late, 2 hours late! oh well, i know its suprising that i was early too :/
oh well,
Thank you people, i still had a great time(:

This photo is super ugly :/

Happy Birthday Siao Cha Bor! It's been four years and you're still as crazy as ever, still as childish as ever & still as cheerful as ever! you've been a great great great friend! (i only say this once a year, alright! ) feel good right? haha!
Siao Cha Bor, we can go watch NC16 movies together! Lets go!

Friends forever.

Friday, May 18, 2007

HOHOHO! we are currently in the school comp lab now & it's my first time here :D Jasmine is so dumb! she has just printed out her Certificate Of Achievement Junior Builder! Haha! Oh well, she's always so dumb and retarted & i have no idea why i love her so much, Ee Xiang Min! She's smiling to her now and looking as spastic and usual :D cheeesseeeeeeeee

Xiang Min Mei Mei! i know you idol me! Hoho, don't worry i won't tell anymore ;)

your sweetest friend, Jingo.
18 May 2007
9.23 AM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eat, Play, Shop :D
i don't feel like elaborating, i'll just post the photos & summarise what had happened the past few days. it was crazy!
Thurdays was my very last paper! huijing, manda, cheryl & i immediately hit bugis for shopping, all the way till we could barely walk anymore. we met nicole & the rest for a while and went back home.

Friday was the Brothers' Outing :D Fabulous! we met up as early as 12 & went for another shopping trip to town(: chomps for dinner, ice3 for dessert and i went to junhao's party, Happy Birthday Big Boy!
Look at bobby's msn! i'm under his one and only sweetie:D

637 Brothers <3!

Saturday was skating. i have barely touched my skates for a month? and i haven't have lessons since last december? goodness, all i know is to run away, how useless?
P.S. Serene! i miss you so much! let's go hit Time-crisis!
My handsome coach:D
Sunday was so slack. thank god i went out with kim, wanted to catch 200 Pounds Beauty, however, they didn't have seats :( so we ended up walking down orchard road, under the stars, clinging onto her arms. haha! :D anyhow, i had fun though! it's been so long since we last went out like this.
Whoooooo, i have finally watched 200 Pounds Beauty today. Bravo!
*i spent an hour here posting all the photos!