Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bringing education to hell, and hell to education

I'm so sorry Blogger! I got too fascinated by Tumblr & I've forgotten all about you! I shall update you now!

Life sucked. LIFE PLEASE GO FUCK YOURSELF. I haven't been so stress before! I know I've said this before, BUT I REALLY REALLY REALLY haven't been through this MUCH of stress before:( projects are suffocating me:( It was that bad that we actually stayed up in school till 4 AM the night before submission! you can't imagine how much shit I've went through. you can't image how fucked up I was! After submission, I actually went home and "napped" from 3 PM all the way till the next morning. I slept for FUCKING HELL YEAH 17 hours! :D:D:D sorry for this damn vulgar post. I can't help it when I get too agitated.

Anyway, I've pulled through ! (not that I've a choice too)