Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll do anything to turn back time, back to those wonderful times.

In shortly 3 days time, I've learnt how to fry instant roti prata and proper eggs. I've learnt how to slice open the clayfish. uhmm, wondering what's with the 3 days? it's my class chalet and it was a blast! the place was HUGE! ( i mean it, it's bigger than my place) It feels so like a home with a living room, a kitchen and 4 bedrooms. put away the fact that we've 4 bedrooms, all of us squeezed in one. the girls on the queen-size bed and the guys on the matresses which were placed all over the room. we had overnight-adventure-cycling trip on the first day. It was so good/bad in one. we followed the mrt track and cycled all the way to Tampinese, to the red house and all the way back to the chalet. it was a great adventure but it resulted a real pain in our butts. more people turned up the next day for the bbq (including miss ng & mr phua). talked talked talked & talked. oh, i was the best yo. i had a really sweet sleep even with the background music, talking & laughing going on. I became a bet. Jasmine won 2 bucks for waking me up this morning -.-

I feel like i'm typing alot. maybe i should stop now before you guys get bored or maybe you people already are...

Thursday is tomorrow.
Oh it's just another day! hahaha! bastard.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Money is the #1
Helloooooooo! I'm still using the laptop. aw, it's an irritant.
Work is something I've been looking forward these days becoz of my favourite colleagues Joleen & Raymond! We've been earning Lots of $$ :D I've learnt quite alot from them (bad examples, like buying 4D) It started from the day Liu Leng Leng came over to Sticky Rice.
Joleen: "EH! ISN'T THAT LIU LENG LENG?!?" (She was hosting btw)
Me: "Who the hell is that?" -.-
Joleen: "THE 881 ACTRESS LA!!!!"
Me: "Chey, I didn't watch that movie"
Joleen: (ran in) "EHHHHHH!!!!! LIU LENG LENG'S COMINGGGGGG!!!!"
That scenario was funny, hell funny.
Joleen bought her car-plate number (4D)
Raymond bought it as well.
I bought the time she came into stricky rice which was 1412.
But.... yeah, if it's that easy to strike, we would have been wealthy people!
Money matters most, not love anymore.
Pardon me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We only part to meet again.

It's raining now & I love rainy days :D maybe I should go nap later since I'm only working for Lunch today. I'm staring at the screen now & seriously I do not know what I should blog about. So many different happenings everyday, & do not know where I should start from. oh, I am using the lap-top now coz there's no internet connection to my comp. so maybe when it's fixed, I'll blog more. before i end this post, I have the urge to tell you guys that I had a great time shopping on Sunday + I spend a bomb. i mean it. I'll let Mandy fill you in ;)

Joleen (work)

Pinky girl

We went to New York ( get it? )

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Did you really love me, or was it all revenge ?

Hellooooo. about the post on Sunday, I lied. I went out in the end (this is so me) with Sim Na Na :D Talk Cock Sing Song Play Ping Pong. like what else can we do, right Na Na? & shopping was great with mommy. anyway, thats not the main point. I am here tonight to share with you 3
really entertaining things to brighten up your day uh. hahaha

Scene 1 : Vinegar

*Vinegar half used*
*Vinegar running out. Needs top-up*
*Raymond grabbed the jar of ice water beside him and filled the vinegar bottle to the brim*
*Gave him a WTH look*
Raymond : " Lazy to walk into the kitchen laaaaaaaaaaa"

Scene 2 : Lipton Tea

*Raymond made Hot tea for himself*
*Placed the cup onto the bar*
*Looked into the cup*
*Lipton Tea bag and the paper both in the water*
*Gave him a WTH look*
Raymond: " Lazy to take out the paper laaaaaaaaaaa"

Scene 3 : Reservation Book

*Glanced through the Reservation list of the day*
*Mary w Lamb 20 Pax 6 - 6.30 pm*
*Gave Raymond a Wth look*
Raymond : "Mary with lamb! I got nothing to do laaaaaaaaaaa"


Raymond's the best yo!
& this is the reason why I love work.

Monday, January 7, 2008

"Don't let hard times make you a hard person."

I was supposed to get my bum off the chair & head over to Wheelock to get my phone fixed. actually not exactly to get it fixed, it's all because of the dumb memory card which I secured a lock to it long long time ago & I can't get it open now. I was supposed to get myself some books to read as well. However, the weather is so hot that I just decided not to go anywhere now.

I woke up, read the newspapers, couldn't get my eyes off the telly for 5 hours and here I am blogging. cos, there's seriously nothing much to do! and thank mommy for bringing me shopping tomorrow. ( at least I have mommy to accompany) :D

Friends are either schooling, undergoing the 3-weeks JC trail or working. & i just got the know that the supposed-to-be 3 weeks JC trail is actually approximately 2 months! like wth, I would have apply for it if I know it's that long. and it'll be to late to crash in now.

Work has been fine, if you're wondering. Joleen joined us recently & she really did make work more enjoyable (: we did silly stuff while hosting, like asking the 10th guy who walked-by to come in & try. or scaring people away by asking "table for 2? ( the number depending on how many who walked by) " when they're obviously not intending to come in. hahaha.
*look out of the window* okay, it's not as sunny now. maybe I shall head down to the nearby shops and get colour dye for my hair. Pink? Green? Blue? uhmmm..
Don't worry I'm gonna dye it strips, not whole. haha

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right"

Khai's retarded look.

We look like sibs!
Black White, White Black.
you dont have to hate me that much Khai!

Thanks for sticking up to all my nonsense these 4 years.

The very first photo in 2008 destroyed by KHAI!


I bought a new journal. The pages are empty and it'll start of with the first chapter of the new year! :D 2007 was woah, uhmm, mixed bad & good but I'm looking forward to a new start. like who doesn't? I'll start afresh & make things right (:

I spend my last moment of 2007 and the beginnning of 2008 with a small group of class folks who have been thru with all my craziness in class for 2 whole years! ( for Zr & Hj , it'll be 4)

We had bowling. It was so great :D Shang Chuan was good in the first game. I was leading in the second game alright! Daniel had to go, so the rest took turns to play for him and he came in 1st in the end :( Ryan claimed that he's in the bowling team but.... hahaha! we caught AVP2 after the bowl. I think 1 was better. we hate to be squashed in the crowd so we went to have some desserts. mad people were running to catch the countdown and we were heading the opposite direction to the train. we spend our new year in the most special way, the train :D like whoooooooooo! so cool -.-

2008 will be great, I hope !