Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009


Saturday, April 18, 2009

"I have to tell you something, something that will change everything forever...but I don't know how to tell it to you, so I probably won't ever tell you, and you won't ever find out."

The calculator I got mommy malfunctioned, so we decided to go change it.
we got into the Hello Kitty store and got out spending $154.50 on Hello Kitty cuties! this is what happens when mother & daughter love pink... & still so young at heart. he he he

School's resuming in 2 days time:( How will my new class be like? How will school be like w/out honey/buddy/da jie in my class? Will my new classmates be nice? How will 1st day of school be like? so many questions running through my head... (biting nails)

However, on a happier note, my new timeable is out (I know, big deal...) & I OFFICIALLY DECLARE THAT I HAVE NO SCHOOL EVERY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoooooots! this is like the best timetable ever =)

Kim, Shiang, Esther & I are finally in the same school! excited to the maxxxxxxxxx (eye brows moving up down up down & give megawatt smile :D)
Should I.Or.Should I not?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


9th April
Celebration Day 0

Haji lane. cabbed to bishan. prawned till 5 in the morning. bathed. slept.

10 April
Celebration Day 1

Exhausted. Vivo. got picnic food. picnic. surprise cake. rained. got drenched. dried up. swensons

11 April
Celebration Day 2
rushed through my project.
took 70.
buddy hopped on.
don't know where she was bringing me to.
alighted at kallang stadium.
everything clicked into 1 piece.
their 1st surprise plan: ice skating.
I said No.
1st plan failed.
I suggested bowling.
we missed our slot.
couldn't bowl.
shopped a lil.
Took 16 to Suntec.
they made me tour suntec for 1/2 an hour
cabbed down to Shaw
2nd surprise plan: Thai restaurant
2nd plan failed.
restaurant closed.
had jap food instead.
3rd surprise plan: Dempsey Hill's Ben&Jerry
surprise worked out!
had ice-cream. got the singer and everyone there to sing me a bday song
4th plan: Alley Bar
all cab fares on them.
ice cream on them.
shopping on steffi.

Love this shoes tonsssssssss!!!!!!!

12 April
Celebration Day 3
Project again.
Mahjong @ Shiang's.
Lost money.
Steamboat for dinner.
Lan (L4D)
cabbed back home.
Alex went home.
Junhao missing.
Shiang's mom pestering her home.
Kim acting weird.
Cai Xin indecisive (want to come up to my place & then changed his mind)
Note: it's only 10.30 pm and they're all gg home so early!!!!
Suspected something..
went home.
saw Shiang's shoes outside my place.
acted dumb.
stood at the living room (I knew she's in my room)
acted along.
Kim kept calling my house phone asking me random ques.
still insist not going into my room
mom dad finding ways to get me into my room
went into my room
cake lying on the floor
everyone appeared.