Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'll follow you into the dark

Hello, happy sunday to you :D
I love my new blogskin alot and that makes me want to blog now. I feel as though I'm obliged to blog in such a pretty blog hahaha! but sadly, Hunny said that she's not able to see my blog's background using Mozilla. why is this so....?! so, my pretty blog can only been seen using internet explorer and most of the people on earth use Moz! :(
I'm supposed to get started on my Travel Leisure report but I kept digressing and now I'm here. I'm currently waiting for Bestie's call so I can go get ready to meet her:D (to get a new camera! so exciting!!!) I'm so very glad that we're spending more time together now :) we got to make up the times we've lost for her revision for A's. now, we can spend quality best-friend-time yay! photos below were taken at her place a few days back...
She took out this HUGE box and showed me all the stuff I've given her. now we do understand why she doesn't ever need a boyfriend in secondary school. this is because... I was acting some sort like her boyfriend! haha we were like some unseparable love birds! we send letters even when we were just sitting next to each other. we wrote in each other's diaries. we send christmas cards, new year cards, etc. we gave each other lucky charms to carry around. we even wrote letters to each other when one is away for a holiday, like, lets say I'm away for a week, and we will write a total of 7 letters for the other party to read each day when we're apart. I love my bestie alot but sadly, She's not the one. HEE HEE! if she's not a she and is a he, it will be so sweet, like those tv drama series where 2 best friends fall in love and live happily ever after:)
I can't wait for mid sem to be over and then HOLIDAY= PARTY WHOOHOO!!! meanwhile, I got to be patient. you too.

Hungry Hungry Hungry


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kiss me through the phone

It's 4.38AM now. I'm just done bathing and I haven't started studying for my comm skills test which is in 5 hours time! GG!
Butter just now! Got fucking high, but I was not totally wasted! Recovered when some motherfucker puked onto us !!! my favourite sandles broke. and I don't know wth I am typing now. my brain isn't functioning.

I'm going to bed now. good night.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smoke weed everyday

What the hell is wrong with my throat? I'm coughing like I'm gonna die anytime soon and this sore throat of mine has been on and off for 3 weeks already. now running nose is joining the party. is it me or is it the weather...?

Anyway, met up with 123 and caught MJ's This Is It yesterday. I'm not that much of a MJ fan, so I think the movie was alright? oh, I've watched Pokerking a few days back as well, damn typical gambling show. predicted plot, predicted ending, expected more though :( after movie, the rest went over to Bedok for K while 3 of us (Steffi, Feng and I) went over to the Chill Out Place for a drink. Kim joined us and yay I had fun last night. It was supposedly to be a mini bday celebration for hun, but she got to leave early in the end ): the rest of us stayed on and cabbed back home in the end as there werent anymore buses. damn, have been spending money like freeflow. need to practice some money management!

Today I decided to stay home, to rest. and in addition, I have this HUMONGOUS pimple above my mouth!!! seriously, why do pimples even exist:( how am I gonna meet the girls later....
I'm so wasting my day away. Woke up, watched tv, played Bejeweled Blitz with mommy on fb (she's totally hooked on. she has been on it for hours!), cam whored with my HUMONGOUS pimple and mommy's unglam moments, and now I'm online. and I am bored.

So many shits happened this week and I'm so glad tomorrow's the start of a new week. hopefully, a much better one :D

BTW, Ice Blast is the best "sweet" invented!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Emotional Friday

3 things that triggered me to cry last night

1) I was already pretty sad over xxx for the past few days

2) My dear steffi showed me some document that caught me thinking about it for the rest of my day (damn sad y'know? why must things turn out this way...)

3) It hurts to see girlfriend crying her heart out and all I did was standing there helplessly

Went over to Mandy's crib after school. I love the times when we have our dinner tog, paint our nails, never ending gossip, blog hop, facebook searching, singing, cam whoring, reading magazines, messing with our hair... just a simple night like that can keep my mind of silly things :) love you mandy, alot.

Left her place at 1030 and off to the pub at opp parklane. I was supposed to be there for girlfriend, to keep her companied, to comfort her, but I ended up crying together with her. actually, I felt good. its like I've been holding back those tears for so long already, and just let them all flow in a go. for the first time (for love) , I cried, wasn't because of my first. I teared for xxx instead. Congrads. you're the second guy whom I teared for. the second guy whom I'm willing to give you my all. the second guy whom I'm so crazy over. the second guy whom will hurt like as much as my first. for this second guy here, I know, I'm silly, but I'll wait.

Headed back home at 330, should have just went clubbing instead. maybe we will all feel better then.

To my girlfriend,
I hope you'll feel better soon. I totally felt your pain when you cried just now ): you know I'm always here. just give me a call. I'll be there no matter what. I love you and really want to see you happy again.
p.s. im sad when you're sad. so please stay happy always.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can't catch my breath cause you take it away

4 hours ago, I fell asleep on the sofa while watching tv. mommy woke me up for a bath, I went into the room and snoozed for another hour. I was so tired that I just wanted sleep the night with my lens on. But I couldn't. Mom and dad took turns to wake me up and now I'm clean and energectic (ok, not really, the drowsiness is kicking in...) I slept at 4 yesterday. It was crazy. I volunteered to do all the collating and printing of the peer teaching notes. So much of wanting to turn over a new leaf and not wanting anyone in my new class to know me as a free rider, got destroyed by Audi in just seconds! I'm no no free rider :( you guys should see... open your eyes widely and see!

My new class is rather alright excluding the fact that there are only 5 guys. Modules are interesting. project group mates are (Y) I feel tired almost all the time. Guess I'm still trying to switch back my human clock. its so screwed. now, I can't sleep before 2 and can't wake up before 1. how???

Anyway, highlights of last week!!!
Firstly, we had our com based performance on tuesday. it was AWESOME!!! I'm really glad I'm part of this whole com based thing. it was a rlyyyyy great experience and the best part was the friends I've made. Good friends, sisters, brother, partner... all damn love can! :) I should say this once more, I LOVE TPDE!

Next was Slow's birthday! I love you Hunny muacks muacks. I know we owe you your present and celebration. fret not! we didn't forget! we will give you a superduperwhooper memorable one okie! meanwhile... please be patient !
Friday night over @ REBEL. I was happy. I was sad. I was embarrassed. I was scared. I was thrilled. I was exhausted. I was confused. I was shocked. I was so emotional. But still... I hope that night didn't have to come to an endand that time could just stop at that very moment... Anyway we hung around waiting for the first bus after the party ended. Me was broke ttm :(

Saturday was wasted away when I got out of bed only at 4 in the afternoon. met 123 at Harry's Bar only in the night. we separated. Buddy and I went over to PH to check out and the crowd was crazy. dropped the plan and went back home instead. boring halloween right! but its okie, that friday night could make my whole week already ^^
Sunday night was just simply spent with my favourite girls talking under the stars. Love night like this. Y'know they will always be there for you no matter what<3


my sore throat is back :(