Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"I'm here waiting for You to feel the same way too."

Happy Bday Da Jie

Hello youuuuu I love eug's lappy!

Disney Restaurant
moii w/out euuuuuu

Honey Bunny!
It was sucha coincidence!
We bumped into Fock at Coffee Bean.

Look, I've got a broken heart :(

Wow. my life has been so happening these days.. I'm more than happy! my highlight for today's post : I met up with my Best Fwen last Friday! even if it's just merely 2 hours of cathing up a lil here & there, it was still one of the best thing to happen :D I've got a brainful of things to update her about, but I just can't seem to remember any when I see her, maybe I should bring a jotterbook along with me where ever I go hahaha.

I went for Peirce's Cultural Concert on Saturday night and I think it kinda sucked. oh well, the main point is to see my good o friends! yay I gotta chance to catch up with Ping Pong too :D She's in Hongk now and I hope she's safe and having lotta fun!

Sunday was Bday celebration for Da Jie!
They're Happiness, really.
(just look at the piccas above)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"I love the sun for days, the moon for nights and you forever."

We let 'em go with "May we find our true love" written on it.

My weekend had been so happening!

Friday was CNN Day yay. we did Henna and Balloon Sculpting. I did Henna for people and I think I screwed up some and ended up panicing but fortunately, there was Feng there praising "oooooo niceeeeeeee" no matter what, so that my customers would have got nothing to say in the end hahaha. good business technic! I had a great night chat with the Missys after that (our very first night spend together) and I'll very much like to sum up my CNN Day experience with one word "SPLENDID"

Saturday was my usual skating lesson with Cheryl, followed by our usual lunch (Tom Yam) and later to Bukit Gombak Stadium for Khai's race. yeah Khai I'm glad you heard my manly-voice at least -.- but I forgive you since you showed your appreciation haha. Rushed home and to Mandy's place for dinner (with Jewel, Shawn & friends), home-teppanyaki. superbbbbbbbb! we ended up sharing ghostly experiences and watched The Ghost Game.

Sunday was a great day out with 3/4 of The Missys. We met up to do our comm skills research but it was more like having fun instead. yes it's so me. it'll be weird if I can really get into work right? haha console console. oh btw, there's Great Singapore Sales! Top shop, Dorothy Perkins, G2000... on 50% sale! omgzxzxzx let's chionggggggggg!

Monday I wanted to stay home, but I so happened to have a sudden urge to watch What Happens In Vegas, after many compliments heard. met up with Honey and caught the show, finally! 2 thumbs uppppp! Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher are fhot! 4 outta 5 stars! go catch it, if you have not, seriously! A movie you cannot miss! I think I should get paid to promote it lol

(Happy Birthday Ah siao)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Just his smile alone, sets my world on fire"

Jh's partyyy

Youuuuuhoooo Alex!

Love Missys to the power of max!

Hell funny

Yay. I survived the horrible Tuesday. Tuesday = school at 9 / econs lecture / Apel / 3 hours CSA omgz. Fyi, we do excel for CSA lab and if you just missed out a step of your tutor's instructions, you will definately not be able to catch up after that. it happends to me almost all the times and I so happen to sit with a computer idotzxzx (Yu Feng) :S

anyway, we've got a name for our clique already.
The Missys!
Simone: Miss Super Scandalous (she has many many scandals)
Steffi: Miss Super Slow (she's really slow, but not in physical terms. tell her a joke, I think she'll prolly take 10 years to understand it)
Yufeng: Miss Super Spoiler (she spoils every joke and 'pours cold water')
You Jing: Miss Super Materialistic ($$ minded)
moii beri lurbb 'em!

Saturday was Junhao's party over at his place, with all the silly..
Fuzzy Wuzzy,
Black Magic,
& What's the next stop


I felt so silly willy wolly hahaha

Monday, May 5, 2008

"There are worse things than a broken heart. Like the love that you don't explore."

our favourite hangout place : Cheers

Our favourite cam whore position : Lift to the classroom

lurrbb yUfEnG worxzxz

Let's see. school's been great apart from the lectures & tutorials that I don't understand a shit. oh manz I suck in accounting and org beh. anyway anyway anyway! I went for the dance auditions, both mordern dance and hip hop. there were so many who can dance so well!! :( so I guess the probabilty of me getting in is only like 1/10. oh wellios. maybe I should join business studies club and student union. lol.

dumb elearning's due today. research on 3 examples of businesses within the industry related to your diploma that rely heavily upon technology....
too difficult to comprehend!

toms monday! monday's love! coz there's school only from 9-11 am! whooot

right. better get back to my elearning.