Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"It aches to see you play in the game knowing that things are different now."

I am at loss of words. I do not know what to blog about hahaha

Oh Hi I'm trying to sell away this brand new Nike boots.
Totally new, have not been used before
White & Gold
US 8.5
UK 7.5
EUR 42
CM 26.5
Cheap Cheap only @ 60 bucks!
*price negotiable*
Interested? drop me a tag ! :D
Miss Ong Yu Feng lost her Limited Ed phone. she's utterly upset about it. she cries over it and whines to me everyday. it's really really annoying. if you found it by any chance, please ( I beg of you) return it to her. I'm really sick and tired of her whinings.
Model: Sony Ericsson K810i
Description: Limited Ed ; Black in colour w red stripes ( I think) and a penguin sticker at the back of the phone
"Owner misses it alot"
Thank You.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"It was just enough to sit there without words."

21 July 2008

Hi I saw you today. I'm angry with myself for being such a coward. what a lousy noob.
why didn't I say "Hi"
but wait, you didn't too.
are we friends?

okay on a lighter note,
536 536 536 536 536
totally brightened up my day!

Monday, July 14, 2008

"I found my eyes looking at you unknowingly and the next thing I knew, I can't them off you."

It's funny how we used to play Pretend when we were younger and look we're so grown up now.
Me: Dommmmmmm why don't you want a photo with me? :(
Yay I knew you want one so badly actually. hahaha

take care, Dom.
Not much happenings this week. caught 10 Promises Made To My Dog, Dom's farewell dinner and TPSU camp. and whooooo SU!!!!!
Mommy's currently at KL and I've got to do the chores. and I wonder how am I gonna wake up for school tomorrow morning w/out my human alarm clock!
Can't blog much now. Wayne's being an irritant. gotta finish up comm skills project.
seeya lovelies (:
536 =p

Monday, July 7, 2008

"True friends take me for who I am."

I'm bored and just a few random messages to people in my mind now.
(search for yours, & sorry if you're not mentioned)

Bestie: Mei Mei I came across your friendster photos a few mins ago and you're getting prettier and prettier each time I see your new photos! it makes people feel inferior. stop getting prettier can you?

Huina: Ping Pong I mizz you so much too. what happened to our Slumber Bday Party? can't wait to see your new room and sleep on your new bed and start recording our singings all over again. hahaha *recalling our DJ records* + do you still remember the recording of "Ah Hua Mo Gui"? is the recording still w you? omgxzxz

Mandy: Darling the elmo thingy I got you is still w me! when you wanna get it from me? are you excited?? hehe I bet you'll love it. see I thought of you even when I'm out shopping! and just a sudden urge to tell you that I really love you darling, so much for everything! my one and only who doesn't complain when I'm late for meet-ups(:

Jing: Jinggggggggggggggggggggg! Yeah I figured Touch isn't my kind of thing afterall and it's totally cut out for you! go girl! I'll go see you play in one of the days. maybe we can play Touch tgt for leisure and make sure you don't laugh at me. what's so funny seeing me in the field? did I tell you I went for Student Union interview? how's this? funny too?

Yeeling: Poo what have been up to? haven't heard from you from the last time we met. you'll never guess who I saw in TP. so quick contact me soon and I'll tell you more about it! Calm down. I know you're getting excited once you see this. see you soon, prolly on Dom's farewell dinner. (can't imagine him in botak haha)

Huixian: Ah Siao! lets go blading and cycling again. please concentrate in cycling if you get to ride me by any chance again. I don't wanna hit down the drain again. HAHAHA *recalling scene* Ah Siao You're my crazy pill. make me high once again :D

Tingyuan: Yuan! shocked to see your message here? of coz I didn't forget about you! I'm 3daysinsept.livejournal.com loyal's reader kay! your last post about wanting to hold your wedding in a chapel inside Graceland. sounds great and I volunteer to be your host. I can make the bride's friend speech and I can sing for your guest. not "all out of love" on your wedding day of coz, uhmm, maybe "somewhere over the rainbow".. sounds good uh? my singing improved, fyi (:

Ilene: hi girl, if you do read my blog. I miss you like to the power of max. bball sometime soon and i'll be really glad if you can stop hugging the ball like a koala hugging to the tree! hahaha love ya


Khai: Gay, mizz me? & I know your gay link of coz!

ZR: I remember you too! my 4 yeared friend! I'm looking at our class photo now and whats with your pose in the informal shot? so 1960s cannnnnnnnnnn hahaha

Win: Hope everythings good for you over there. I'll write to you soon, 've got so many things to update you about! forever my Pipi.

Jason: Hi!!!!!! Study hard and play hard alright! we'll catch up soon.

Kim, Shiang: Study hard for O's. I'm here rooting for y'all like what you guys'd did for me last year (: we haven't been out together for such a long time. meet up please. esp you Shaing! dump YS a day, for us alright?

Esther: Tell me when you're free so that the 4 of us can go out together.

Dom Alex Junhao: Sisters! though you guys are mean to the max but I still love y'all (my first and last time saying this mushy thingy to you)

Missys: may our friendship last forever.

Steffi Honey: I'm talking to you online now you nooby.

Jie Jie: lets go blading again!

Skaters: Skaters Reunion soon when Mark's back kayyyyyyyy???

94543: Just a sudden thought of you. I can say all I want here for that I'm not afraid, coz I know you'll never read my blog or know if I even have one. I miss you I think I do. I don't know why too, I just do. Do you even remember me? I'm Tan You Jing, I'd loved you from the bottom of my heart and you broke it as many times I tried to give it to you.