Sunday, August 23, 2009

Studying =

I have no sense of urgency at all Yay how great.....

I've not started on my MBS and HRM yet. GG!!!

I'm going to sleep with the notes beneath my pillow tonight.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My lips like sugar

I wasted today... again.
Could someone just tell me to fucking study !!!!
Thank Q

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Talk Cock Sing Song Play Ping Pong

Nana study hard and don't overstress yourself yeah?
Love you beri beri much see you soon after prelims xxx

Let me forget the past

I miss you more than you even know.
More than you probly care
More than I ever show to you my dear
At least in words alone and
How does it make you feel to hear me say that I miss you?

I wonder if my life could get anymore... duller. It just revolves around sleeping eating watching tv using the comp going out doing practically nothing constructive at all. I can't stand my life like this as much as I can't figure out what the hell I want to do either. I told my mom about it and she thinks I'm pms-ing. Am I? Fuck, I hate what I'm doing now. I hope exams are quick over so that I can get a new life. I better one definately!

Anyway, I've caught like 5 shows recently. Public Enemies, Murderer, G.I. Joe, Overheard, The Orphan. G.I. Joe was fucking awesome! it was like the second Transformers, superbbbb! Overheard was as good, damn exciting + there's Daniel Wu hehehe!!! hamsum ^^

It's getting pretty late, Imma going to post some really overdue photos and hit the sack :)

UT Presentation Day


HRM Presentation

Ah Juan & I :)

Peirce Family Day

The toilet- our secret hideout when we skipped lessons

The parade square for our daily morning pledge taking

The fountain where I used to get punish at

The rugby field- Memories

Retarded Jingy

National Day @ Marina Barrage

Damn cute lah

Who the fuck took this?
But I like :)

123 Clique

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm back here at this space

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Secondary 1
When I first saw her, I thought she has really huge beautiful eyes (still do now)
Back then, I still didn't know her
I knew more about her when we met the same guy
We both fucking got busted

Secondary 2
We got into the same class
Though we were in the same clique- The Nines

We didn't talk much
We were just Hi-Bye friends
It was art lesson when we got a lil closer
We were so bored and came up with this Boring song and named us after it
♥ The Boring Darlings♥
Got a lil more closer when we were dating some 2 guys who happened to be in the same class (we were stalkers)

Secondary 3
We had the same subject combination and were in the same class, again
She did all my Chinese compositions + comprehensions
Crazy math lesson with the person sitting in the middle getting sick always (bad fengshui)
We spent days doing social studies project (longest project done ever)
Came up with our SS clique- The 5 Flowers

Our first neoprint together after SS project

Secondary 4
This was when we became best of friends
We were the best physics lab partners (Doing everything, but physics)
We had a weekly study session (same day, same time, same place, doing the same thing- physics)
One of the study session which became bitching session and came up with The Bitching Clique
Happened to date other guys who AGAIN happened to be in the same class!
Silly incident which happened at the soccer court (inside joke)
Together with 8 others, we were the 10 Brothers- 637 Gang

Together, secretly admiring physics teacher, Mr LKW
Over to her place every friday to kill time before tuition

Graduation day with our favourite photo of our secondary school life

Poly year 1/2
We are in 2 different schools at 2 different ends of Singapore
However, nothing kept us apart

More years to come
I feel sad when she's sad
I feel happy when she's happy
It is this weird connection we have within us
If you're wondering who,
Her name is Amanda.

Happy Birthday darling:) xxx♥ ♥ ♥