Thursday, February 28, 2008

"In this world you are one person, but to one person you just might be the world."

Happy Birthday Pee.
Never will I forget the moments we had together for the past 4 years. Never.
Love'ya this lot!

oh btw, I'm back to Simple Plan craze (!!!) I used to listen to their songs everyday till I got of them. & I'm gonnna do the same old thang again. for you info, she never stops listening to her favourite song till she gets sick of it. yes, thats me! love love SP! Oh, I've got a question. Maybe, when you're having some song craze ( like you kept playing the song/s over and over again for a period of time) & you experienced something happy in life at the same time as well. then after a long while, you start listening to those songs again, will you've this funny whinny feeling in your heart? like it feels as though you're back in the past? will you? will you?
when I had the Simple Plan craze in 2005, I had a unfogettable memory with someone at the same time & now that I'm listening to those SP songs again, it feels as though I am back to the past. It feels so weird. It feels so good as well.
oh my. I think I'm sick.
Am I?

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