Friday, March 7, 2008

“our friendship is going to be the stuff of legends.”

Mood: Bouncy :D


Name : 637
Logo : (Bird)
Founder : Yeechi, Vanessa, Nicole, You Jing
Gang-in-charge : Yeechi (self-proclaimed)
Downline members: Huijing, Peifen, Amanda, Cheryl, Yanyi, Jasmine
School : Peirce Secondary
Hobby : Fights
Hangout place: Thomson Plaza !

Happy Birthday 637, my best class clique ever !
came about from all our fightings we had in class. then after, we decided to have peace and formed a "gang" on 6 March 2007 (637). now you understand why..
just our clique itself ( 10 people ) , we made up 1/4 of the class.

Anyway, Yeechi's the self-promclaimed "head" of the "gang". but, she does nothing! hahaha!

I love love love 637 ! x0x0

we had a birthday celebration at chomps a while ago. all turned up cept for the JC people D: but, it was great doing a lil catching up here & there. I've just got to know that Tp starts school later than any other poly (21st April) woah, so I have like approximately 1 month & 2 weeks more to rot. okay maybe not rot. coz I love work even more now :D met new colleagues (actually ex staff) they're really humorous & they talk alot, really alot. like more than I do, so if it's more than I do, that is really ALOT! anw I gotta run!

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