Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"We do not remember days; we remember moments."
Welcome Jing, to the nothing-special-about-being-17 club!
Girly (look I'm using girly on you now) your party was goooooood. have not remembered myself laughing so hard, have not remembered meself being so wacky, have not rememberd myself being in such great mood (for the whole time), ever since our last gathering?
You girlies are the best really ♥
Alright, piccas for you.

Aye I know how to wink alrightttttttt
(I had this humongous pimple right above my mouth & I photoshoped it away! coolxzxzx hahah)

This teaches you a lesson:
You know you shouldn't mock people too much coz you'll never know when you'll be mocked too.

The Nines (Usuals minus Ah siao)
She was incredibly late I tell you.
Mind you, we take decent photos too.

Its just that crazy photos are a MUST to us...
See you get what I mean?
& sometimes I do wonder when we'll ever be sane..
Maybe never?
How can we ever be sane esp with Kee Siao (huixian & me) around!??!
How we used to 'dominate' the class
How we used to play bball together
How we used to travel in 10
How we used to run about in the classroom
How we used to 'play with' Mrs Chung
How we used to visit the toilet (10 0f us)
How we used to do everything under the sun together
637 Brothers (Bestie & Nessa went off early) are back!
my dearest poo.
it's funny how we used to laugh at everything that doesn't concern us a lil
Yuan: by the count of 3, turn back and pose!
There you go!

Yes Ong Hui Jing
I love you girl!

I'd met up with Feng & Steffi yesterday.
we played blackjack and I've got titled the Queen of 21 with Honey the Ultimate Loser of 21 (supposely to be Feng but Honey lost to me when i showed hand)
Oh I did Honey a blog. go check it out! she's linked (:
Right, bball later = more fun!

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