Friday, December 19, 2008

"Love taught me to lie, Life taught me to die"

(my favourite 2 photos taken on the class outing night)

I was clearing my room and I found this letter hidden right at the corner of this untouched drawer. so weird, coz it's written by me to someone. so why is it with me then? hmmm
How silly I was now that I can look back and laugh at myself Ha Ha Ha

It started off like this..

Hey. I think we should just end our ties here since you don't wish to be together. then what for I still hold on? I don't get what you mean by not breaking up but we are still together. let's just have a clear breakup. doesn't all the things I did ever meanth anything to you? there's so many things I want to say (but it just can't be explained).
it hurts to hold on, thus I chose to let go although it hurt more letting go someone I love. you told me not to be sad. how to? I can close my eyes to things I don't want to see but I can't close my heart to things I don't want to feel. when I said I love you, I meant I have never felt what I had felt for you. I wish I have the guts to walk away and forget about everything but I can't cause I know you won't come back to me anymore. I can't force you to love me as much as I can't stop myself from loving you. you changed so much, I wish you knew how much you've changed. I wonder if I'd changed you, if your life is different because of me. because mine was different because of you.
Goodbye. I never wanna see you again. I don't want to be your friend and there is no need for me to stay and lose myself to you. but just before I go, if you really don't want me, don't act as if you want me to stay because I'm going to be strong to let you go. I can't talk to you anymore. when I talk to you, it make me realise how much I love you and when I realise how much I love you and I can't have you, that makes me love you even more.
please dont hurt me anymore. please don't make me cry again. at least be there to wipe away my tears if you're doing it. I have been living through this for 2 years. I had it enought. Please, I beg, stop hurting me. my heart really hurts because of you. thank you.
for this last time, I love you.

Can anyone be sillier than that?!! so much for doing all these..

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