Saturday, January 9, 2010

For you I'd do it all over again

I swear school is turning me into a very dull person. I'm so exhausted. I don't talk/joke much now. I'm so boring and I'm so afraid I would bore the people I'm gonna hang out with. I feel as though 24 hours a day isn't enough. The projects are never ending. After finishing one, another one comes and sometimes even two or three at a go! Sleeping at 3 and getting up for school is so painful. Now, I wish I could sleep forever... The projects are taking my life away, seriously. and I hereby announce that I HAVE NO LIFE. yayyyyy.... don't remember how it feels like being so carefree anymore.

Anyway, on a lighter note. the 4 hours of dance on Wednesday was awesome. Got high at the last hour of freestyle. and I'm aching all over now. Great time though!!!

Thursday and Friday was meeting up with the Skaters♥ after school.
Very impromptu decision to REBEL last night.
A time for a break and destress.
My dad says I got to learn to cope with pressure. I guess he's right.

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