Friday, June 11, 2010


Life is treating me good so far :> I think I've done fairly well for mid sems. yayyy and I'm gonna work under the marketing department @ Hotel Re for SIP (if the school approves) ! I've just got myself a pair of barbie shoes for dance! its pink and so pretty and yummy! i love it! I can't wait for tomorrow! I'm gonna meet the dancers♥ for some fun @ ECP! I can't wait for saturday either! Its the first hiphop class with An An, gathering with the skaters, Clary's place, and then to Jingy's birthday party(which means I'm going to meet all of my sec school friends! excited ttm ^^) I'm so happy I've got something to look forward to everyday! & next week would be project week. good times always come to an end, dont they?
I wish I could stay this happy forever.

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