Monday, August 30, 2010

Melbourne trip + jiejie's wedding♥

So, on the 6th August, we flew over to Melbourne and got greeted with Happy Good Day bags from jiejie! after which, I followed her back home (while the rest went to the aquarium) for Mac breakfast, 4 hours nap and helped her with the flowers! bridal party and briefing about the wedding in the night. that was my day 1 at Mel.
Day 2:
we woke up at 12+, simple brunch, met up with old neighbour (who migrated over) and then to jiejie's wedding! I love her wedding so much! so much fun and different from any other weddings I've been to! ♥

Lovely photos from Yixin:
jiejie + her 11 bridesmaids
bride and groom dance
Salsa performance + salsa crash course for everyone!
dance floor
look at my big aunt at the back, dancing along!
then everybody started dancing!!

ok back to photos from my camAdd Image
very cool glasses

Day 3: brunch with everyone,then off to meet heather♥
so glad that jiejie's friends are heading towards Melbourne Central as well, or I'll be so lost and alone! seriously, it was not easy to find the place (w/out a map and w/out a phone)
Heather & me (talked about meeting up @ Mel since the day she went over)
& we went shopping :D
yummy crepe!
Very nice chocolate store which sells 1 tiny piece for about AU$2 each! I've got 1 box now at home and I can't bear to eat them! I consume 1 each alternate day! hehe!!
Melbourne U, wait for me!
then off to meet up with the rest for dinner!

to the casino! and we (heal and I) lost money! hahaha
Day 4: Drove half a day to the 12 Apostles and it was raining (fucking cold)
Day 5: Mount Buller to Skii !!!

Up the slope
Day 6: Eve brought mom, dad and I around Melbourne, to sightseeing, to their markets, to Chadstone (the biggest shopping mall), to dinner together with Heal and her bf too :D
There was this shop which states that if you try any pair of jeans from the shop and show it to any salesperson how good you look, you are entitled to $5 off any purchase! so being typically singaporeans, all of us chiong in to try the jeans! super funny because we don't see the Australians doing that!

Day 7: back home :(
Jiejie's singapore wedding:
She had a photobooth stationed at the wedding. Super fun with all the props and all! I want 1 at my birthday too ! ^^


zhiying said...

oh no mei mei..i just realized you missed out on the aquarium!!! so so sorry... ill-treat you!!

love you HEAPS! come visit in japan!!!

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