Thursday, January 10, 2008

Did you really love me, or was it all revenge ?

Hellooooo. about the post on Sunday, I lied. I went out in the end (this is so me) with Sim Na Na :D Talk Cock Sing Song Play Ping Pong. like what else can we do, right Na Na? & shopping was great with mommy. anyway, thats not the main point. I am here tonight to share with you 3
really entertaining things to brighten up your day uh. hahaha

Scene 1 : Vinegar

*Vinegar half used*
*Vinegar running out. Needs top-up*
*Raymond grabbed the jar of ice water beside him and filled the vinegar bottle to the brim*
*Gave him a WTH look*
Raymond : " Lazy to walk into the kitchen laaaaaaaaaaa"

Scene 2 : Lipton Tea

*Raymond made Hot tea for himself*
*Placed the cup onto the bar*
*Looked into the cup*
*Lipton Tea bag and the paper both in the water*
*Gave him a WTH look*
Raymond: " Lazy to take out the paper laaaaaaaaaaa"

Scene 3 : Reservation Book

*Glanced through the Reservation list of the day*
*Mary w Lamb 20 Pax 6 - 6.30 pm*
*Gave Raymond a Wth look*
Raymond : "Mary with lamb! I got nothing to do laaaaaaaaaaa"


Raymond's the best yo!
& this is the reason why I love work.

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