Monday, January 7, 2008

"Don't let hard times make you a hard person."

I was supposed to get my bum off the chair & head over to Wheelock to get my phone fixed. actually not exactly to get it fixed, it's all because of the dumb memory card which I secured a lock to it long long time ago & I can't get it open now. I was supposed to get myself some books to read as well. However, the weather is so hot that I just decided not to go anywhere now.

I woke up, read the newspapers, couldn't get my eyes off the telly for 5 hours and here I am blogging. cos, there's seriously nothing much to do! and thank mommy for bringing me shopping tomorrow. ( at least I have mommy to accompany) :D

Friends are either schooling, undergoing the 3-weeks JC trail or working. & i just got the know that the supposed-to-be 3 weeks JC trail is actually approximately 2 months! like wth, I would have apply for it if I know it's that long. and it'll be to late to crash in now.

Work has been fine, if you're wondering. Joleen joined us recently & she really did make work more enjoyable (: we did silly stuff while hosting, like asking the 10th guy who walked-by to come in & try. or scaring people away by asking "table for 2? ( the number depending on how many who walked by) " when they're obviously not intending to come in. hahaha.
*look out of the window* okay, it's not as sunny now. maybe I shall head down to the nearby shops and get colour dye for my hair. Pink? Green? Blue? uhmmm..
Don't worry I'm gonna dye it strips, not whole. haha

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