Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Money is the #1
Helloooooooo! I'm still using the laptop. aw, it's an irritant.
Work is something I've been looking forward these days becoz of my favourite colleagues Joleen & Raymond! We've been earning Lots of $$ :D I've learnt quite alot from them (bad examples, like buying 4D) It started from the day Liu Leng Leng came over to Sticky Rice.
Joleen: "EH! ISN'T THAT LIU LENG LENG?!?" (She was hosting btw)
Me: "Who the hell is that?" -.-
Joleen: "THE 881 ACTRESS LA!!!!"
Me: "Chey, I didn't watch that movie"
Joleen: (ran in) "EHHHHHH!!!!! LIU LENG LENG'S COMINGGGGGG!!!!"
That scenario was funny, hell funny.
Joleen bought her car-plate number (4D)
Raymond bought it as well.
I bought the time she came into stricky rice which was 1412.
But.... yeah, if it's that easy to strike, we would have been wealthy people!
Money matters most, not love anymore.
Pardon me.

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