Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll do anything to turn back time, back to those wonderful times.

In shortly 3 days time, I've learnt how to fry instant roti prata and proper eggs. I've learnt how to slice open the clayfish. uhmm, wondering what's with the 3 days? it's my class chalet and it was a blast! the place was HUGE! ( i mean it, it's bigger than my place) It feels so like a home with a living room, a kitchen and 4 bedrooms. put away the fact that we've 4 bedrooms, all of us squeezed in one. the girls on the queen-size bed and the guys on the matresses which were placed all over the room. we had overnight-adventure-cycling trip on the first day. It was so good/bad in one. we followed the mrt track and cycled all the way to Tampinese, to the red house and all the way back to the chalet. it was a great adventure but it resulted a real pain in our butts. more people turned up the next day for the bbq (including miss ng & mr phua). talked talked talked & talked. oh, i was the best yo. i had a really sweet sleep even with the background music, talking & laughing going on. I became a bet. Jasmine won 2 bucks for waking me up this morning -.-

I feel like i'm typing alot. maybe i should stop now before you guys get bored or maybe you people already are...

Thursday is tomorrow.
Oh it's just another day! hahaha! bastard.

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