Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

my zui ai ! :D

Happy Lunar new year! this festive season has been quiet. prolly coz part of my relatives are not in town. Puzzle Bubble! you know the game which you shoot to strike down the same coloured balls to earn points? yes that game! my cousins are I have been playing it throughout the whole visiting in day 1 & 2. thats how we spend our Cny. Eating, talking and playing Puzzie Bubbie! (what I call it)

Anyway, the girls came over to my place yst. we gambled. and oh oh oh. Kim was winning the mahjong game and we dispersed so quick after the game ( you know why, $$. haha) awww, she was pretty upset.

I went over to Heather's before work. I just recalled about her 6 boyfriends. did I tell you guys about it? haha! I almost died laughing. She had 5 ex bfs and 1 current bf now. she broke up with 1st bf coz he's too penny-pinching, & the 2nd one coz he sweats alot, the 3rd one coz he talks with his mouth full, the 4th one coz he doesn't know how to drive and lastly the 5th one coz he doesn't have a nice car eventhough he knows how to drive! ( if i didn't rmb wrongly, there's too many to rmb!) she's happy with the current one now. with her & me combined tgt, we have all nonsense!
& she has this Bao Bao (a person) , and I began calling her Bao Bao. haha this is getting crazy. I shall stop. haha! Bao Bao sounds funny alright!

Alright that's Heather on my right.

& this is lynette !

I'm gonna catch CJ 7 later. yay! Stephen Chow is my all-time-favourite-idol! I'm his full-time fan. I've watched all his show, & still watching. I've never got sick of any. He's the best yo!

Alright, catch up soon again.
bids goodbye!

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