Monday, February 18, 2008

“When you fall in love, everything becomes possible.”

(cny 2006)

I love yesterday, totally! Heather went skating with me & we ate more than we skated. we had 6 meals. ( like woah) we cabbed back home next & met up for a movie ( L change the world) yay. I guessed we only watched like 3/4 of the entire show coz we spent 1/4 of it peeping. I swear we can never be nurses, we just couldn't stand the sight of poking a needle into the skin. new year party next up. she stole me from the party about an hour later & spent the rest of the night looking thru facebook, to be more precise, viewing cute guys. anyhow, Heather always bullies me.
but I still love her as much.


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