Thursday, March 27, 2008

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learnt about life ; it goes on."

Above illustrate how we celebrated Kim's & Claire's Bday.
Surprise number 1 : We surprised Kim at Clark Quey when we're supposed to celebrate her bday with her another day.
Surprise number 2: We got her 16 dougnuts & a box of strawberry(her fav) in replace for a cake.
Surprise number 3: Shiang and I did a film of photos of us & pasted it in her room.
only Surprises 2 and 3 got her surprised!

I had lunch with Huixian & Mandy yst.

Sky of love. It's the first movie that moved me to tears in the cinema. it's damn sad & I can still feel the sadness lingering inside :( actually it's not really that sad, only that the guy that died is so cute!! I think it's worth catching it? uhm

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