Friday, March 21, 2008

"i love my friends, but it may be because they are as fucked up as i am."

Goodness, this neoprint is like so vintage-ish. I can still remember neoprints at that time costed 4 gold coins & with upgrading technolody, photo-stickers cost up to 10 bucks! & I have like one box of neoprints and all which I can prolly get an Ipod Touch now..
Firstly, I had dental checkup yst. I had 8 decaying teeth and had them all done now. too much gummies uh? huh uh. after which, I got myself sweets right away hahaha.
Secondly, I caught Step Up 2 already. Chase is Damn Hot. I think he's better than Channing. I like dance shows coz they inspire me alot. now I wanna learn popping & locking. I watched Innocent Steps & I wanna learn Samba & Salsa. I watch Honey & I wanna learn Hip Hop & Reggae... nd so on..
Lastly, I was thinking if I should go for my school camp which falls on the 10th April till the 12th. trouble, troubled, troubling. but yay Pi Pi solved it for me. he's gonna go back to Peirce on Speech Day(11 April) to recieve some award & I'm absolutely gonna go see him :D whooopie! can't wait!

Tomw is Good Friday.

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