Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"I love the sun for days, the moon for nights and you forever."

We let 'em go with "May we find our true love" written on it.

My weekend had been so happening!

Friday was CNN Day yay. we did Henna and Balloon Sculpting. I did Henna for people and I think I screwed up some and ended up panicing but fortunately, there was Feng there praising "oooooo niceeeeeeee" no matter what, so that my customers would have got nothing to say in the end hahaha. good business technic! I had a great night chat with the Missys after that (our very first night spend together) and I'll very much like to sum up my CNN Day experience with one word "SPLENDID"

Saturday was my usual skating lesson with Cheryl, followed by our usual lunch (Tom Yam) and later to Bukit Gombak Stadium for Khai's race. yeah Khai I'm glad you heard my manly-voice at least -.- but I forgive you since you showed your appreciation haha. Rushed home and to Mandy's place for dinner (with Jewel, Shawn & friends), home-teppanyaki. superbbbbbbbb! we ended up sharing ghostly experiences and watched The Ghost Game.

Sunday was a great day out with 3/4 of The Missys. We met up to do our comm skills research but it was more like having fun instead. yes it's so me. it'll be weird if I can really get into work right? haha console console. oh btw, there's Great Singapore Sales! Top shop, Dorothy Perkins, G2000... on 50% sale! omgzxzxzx let's chionggggggggg!

Monday I wanted to stay home, but I so happened to have a sudden urge to watch What Happens In Vegas, after many compliments heard. met up with Honey and caught the show, finally! 2 thumbs uppppp! Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher are fhot! 4 outta 5 stars! go catch it, if you have not, seriously! A movie you cannot miss! I think I should get paid to promote it lol

(Happy Birthday Ah siao)

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