Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Don't build me up to fall."

Seriously, Idk what to blog about... ok maybe I do.
Last week was spontaneous!!!
We (Ah Siao/Yeeling/Jing & I) went all the way to TYP to satisfy our need for famous Ban Mian. I was all so hyped up and was left really disappointed :( the coffee shop is down for renovation. so we settled for not-so-famous Lor Mee. ok-ok only hahaha we walked around boring TYP and had a sudden urge to blade & to play badminton. so yea, next off to Bishan Area for our SEVERE excercising! Blade-Badminton-Blade-Playground-Blade-Drink all the way till 12 midnight. had so much fun as usual(:

I've watched Death Race too.
Damn damn damn damn goooooooood
you should just go die for not watching it hahaha

I'm currently watching Hot Shot now.
Reason being, I like bball, I like Jerry Yen, I like Luo !!!
Best Taiwan drama I've watched.

As for today, I had Jap buffet! yummmmyyyyyyyyyyy
I'm hungry again..

uhm I have nothing exciting to blog about anymore.
so, g'night all :)

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