Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Forbidden to remember, Terrified to forget"

Jaspard! He's fuck hot ( I've got Jasmine and Mandy all over him now hahaha)

Apart from being in Edward's world only, I decided that I should meet up w others.

Caught up with Joleen finally, ever since she stopped working at Sticky Rice. Great fun @ the arcade and we took neoprints (how sec 1) & guess what? it only costed 3 bucks! can you believe it? we used to pay 10 bucks for those freaking sticker prints.. haha greatttttttt.

Caught up with Bestie & Nessa Ho becoz their promos were finally over (Yay today was Nana's last paper :D) We had chomps and then to Liquid Kitchen.

Caught up with Mandy/ Jing/ Ah Siao. Typical me being an hour late when I met Jing at Vivo Sunday morning, got Shawn's present and off to his party. at noon, we got to town to meet Ah Siao for shopping!

Caught up w Jie Jie coz we worked together on Saturday. great experience (: dinner was on Daddy to celebrate Mom's birthday. watched Connected (again) with family and was still as nice.
Anyway, Mom, I love you.

as for today!
Caught up with Missys and watched House Bunny. damn bimbotic and not v v v v v v v nice that most people claim it is...
dinner with Kim

and now back to Edward (:

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