Thursday, October 16, 2008

"My mother taught me LOGIC: Because I said so, that's why."

Yesterday was the happiest day since my Aussie trip :D (smiling widely)
Yup, like I mentioned 2 entries back, I went to the Zoo & Night Safari! Nana joined us for the zoo (: Happy Happy Happy how easily happy 4 me.
I preferred the Night Safari actually.. more amusing.
love the tribal show/animal show/tram ride and night walk w the gruesome Halloween props
Pipi v timid. hahaha
anyway I'll let the piccas fill you in more.

Yay Zoo!

Adorable Otters

White Tiger

To Hun Hun & Buddy: there's no resembles at all can!!!

luv you Nana v v v v v v much you know?
Do you guys know that polar bears have tranparent furs? they appear white becoz of the sunlight.
Butterflies 4 you Bestie.

Nana's fav
My fav


Yay Night Safari!

Pipi & Me
Thanks for the day.

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