Thursday, October 23, 2008

"I molded you into this person who I thought you should be."

Friday night out with Bitching Gang - minus Bestie :(
too last minute, mommy couldn't allow me to stayover at Mandy's so we decided to meet up early in the morning for breakfast and WE DID eventually. over to Mandy's, did our nails and her room gallery (: beautifully done (proud of myself) then off to Plaza Sing w Jing & Pipi for Ramen and BJ ice cream! (Yum Yum) later to TP for dinner and back for the night market :D


introduced them to the 3 bucks neoprint!

Reminder: please get over him and stop thinking

ionic bond ever so strong

1,2 1,2 1,2

Below are photos from the Saturday's work
  • the flowers
  • the apples

Fyi, I stole an apple for Shawn's bday gift hahaha

Yawnz school started already (not happy) Have been have so much fun during the hols and my new timetable sucks (I seldom use this word unless I really mean it) to the max! Whatever, its the first week of school, no tutorials, so yay slack. will come to complain when school OFFICIALLY starts hahaha. No tutorials yst = no school! I made full use of my day off, out shopping and then for E2 gathering!!!! whooooopiedooooooo :D nothing beats just having a simple gathering dinner w these folks.... *recollecting the past*

2 hours of school today, toms and friday.
:) / :(

I got pissed over something he said in the text message so,
Me: Not replying
& he replied...
Pipi: Not waiting

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !#$%^&*(

(oh Van Ho! how's the song in my blog HAHAHA)

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