Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Draw a line. Live above it.”

Warm welcome f0r the year 2009!
I spent my last 3 hours of 2008 and first 3 hours of 2009 with half of 1B23 and I must admit that it was pretty awesome (piccas above. enjoy)

Ok its a lil too late but I think I should sum up my life in 2008.
well.. 2008 to me is meeting & parting. parting with my secondary school mates and meeting new friends in TP. 2008 passed exceptionally fast and should I say the year was rather awesome (but still can't be compared to 2007)
Happiest moments in 2008

  1. 4E2 class chalets
  2. Working with Joleen
  3. 17th birthday party (best bday ever!)
  4. Missys outings
  5. Jingy's birthday party
  6. Night out w Alex & gang
  7. SU camp & events
  8. ECP & Night blading (w Ah Siao, YL & Jingy)
  9. Aussie Trip
  10. Best Friend day out
  11. Zoo & Night Safari
  12. 637 gathering
  13. Crazy night with Cheryl & Rene
  14. Christmas parties
  15. Stayover @ Bestie
  16. Clubbing

(thats all I can remember for now)

Special messages to special people in my life:

1) Mom

You're the coolest and most understanding mom ever! you let me stay out late, you let me club, you let me skip school (for good reasons), you let me do almost everything I want. we have no secrets between us at all. we're more like sisters! & I'll definately nominate you as the Best Mom Ever/ Most Hip Mom/ Coolest Mom... I can never imagine my life w/out you. Love you mom!

2) Bestie Best Best (Jas)

Same thought- I can never find another friend as wonderful as you too! my best friend for the year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and will be for 2009 and on... Love you more than the dog loves its bone, more than the cat loves its fish, more than the bees love their honey, more than the zebra loves its stripes, more than the giraffe loves its neck, more than you love me (I guess) ok. let me end this off with our all-time-favourite quote "Best friends forver & ever, Babe"

3) Mandy Darling

Hey darl! you've been such a sweetie, always giving in to me (where I want to go, what I want to do, what I want to eat), always tolerating my late comings, always treating me like a best friend more than I should ever deserve. You're my best shopping buddy y'know? + all the never ending embarrassing moments whenever we're together hahaha! why do we always malu ourselves?!! anyway those are the times I'll never forget heehee. Hope that 2009 will be a better year for you! may you find your true love (please be a good guy this time) *wink*

4) Huina nana

My talk cock sing song play ping pong partner! I seriously love talking to you online coz we have endless things to crap and to laugh at. thank you for the happy moments we had together and I'm sure there's more to come (of course) 4 months & 10 days more for me and 4 months & 16 days more for you, and we'll be legal for Mambo nights :D luv you lots, mizz you lots and see you soon ping pong!

5) Jingy

My beloved Jingy Jing Jing Jing...... Big thanks for always helping me in downloading songs heehee! please study hard this year. please listen to your mom. please don't me so rebellious. please act like a girl. please be a girl. please be normal? ok? thank you for being part of my happy pills luvvvvvvvvvv

6) Yeeling

Poo. you're officially my clubbing kakis, always so ON when I ask you out for parties. Awesome night parties we had together and more to come! hopefully we'll be legal when the next party is to come yayyyyyyyy! ok see you soon hopefully, for more parties :)

7) Hui Xian

Ah Siao you live up to your name (still as crazy as ever) outings with you were always ranked as one of the happiest moments in my life. whenever I'm out with you, my troubles just swooooosh, disappear! thank you for being part of my happy pills too! & blading soon ok?

8) 637 Bros

Brothers! you guys play a huge part in my life too! Becoz of you people, my secondary school life was better than others:) our slogan always "Brothers Yi Tiao Xin"

9) Win

Pipi- my best guy friend ever!!! Happy New Year! I've set a new year resolution for you: To stop bullying Jingo. good one uh? hehe you've been a great bro to me as well as a really evil one too. come back to celebrate my birthday this year alright? meanwhile, study hard for you upcoming exams and takecare! I love you nehxzxzxzxzxz

10) Skaters

Have we all dispersed? Fock why are you always so busy??? lets all meet up soon ok!!!! promise? I mizz all the crazy skating times when we do pumpings on the ice for the number of rounds we lose. Mizz all of you super ultra duper lots :(

11) Havoc Girls

Mah Jong session when Kim's back from her hols alright? happy new year and I wish good results for your O's and then come join me @ TP! yipeeeeeeee yaya! love you 234567890987654322345678098765432

12) Last but not least, Missys

The closest people to me in 2008. we've known each other for about 8 months now and it seemed like we've known each other for years really! I have a whole list of things I want to thank you girls about and I think I will take forever if I do, so I shall keep this short and sweet.


Ok. this is getting too wordy. I shall stop.

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