Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can Singapore get more boring?

We've been on it for an hour already and we still can't decide on what to do tomorrow! what can we do in Singapore? so boring! we've tried almost everything already. I'm so fed up and I went to google the things to do in Singapore. Omg take a look at this!

1. You are staring at the ceiling for more than five minutes and waiting to see two lizards mate.
2. You are checking the fridge every half an hour to see if there is anything to eat … although you know nothing has changed inside for the last three days.
3. You are walking around the house and inspecting every corner like a real estate agent.
4. You are changing the tv channel every few seconds and lying on the couch brain dead with only the fingers moving.
5. You are asking your spouse what’s for dinner although you just had breakfast.
6. You are trying to surf the internet but keep ending up in the same bookmarks. And you keep refreshing the pages to see if your friends updated their blogs. Then you start to check your emails every 5 seconds.
7. You keep checking your phone and see if anyone SMS you. Then you suspect your phone is not working and call the operator to test your phone. But no one called you … really.
8. You keeping asking yourself how you end up in this state of boredom and wonder if there is God up there although God has nothing to do with it.
9. You are making plans to clean up your room … then you got lazy and you start to make plans for your spouse or mother to clean up your room.
10. You are looking out of the window and thinking what it’s like to exercise three times a week.

Faints* I hate to think of what to do coz there's nothing much to do!

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