Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right"

Khai's retarded look.

We look like sibs!
Black White, White Black.
you dont have to hate me that much Khai!

Thanks for sticking up to all my nonsense these 4 years.

The very first photo in 2008 destroyed by KHAI!


I bought a new journal. The pages are empty and it'll start of with the first chapter of the new year! :D 2007 was woah, uhmm, mixed bad & good but I'm looking forward to a new start. like who doesn't? I'll start afresh & make things right (:

I spend my last moment of 2007 and the beginnning of 2008 with a small group of class folks who have been thru with all my craziness in class for 2 whole years! ( for Zr & Hj , it'll be 4)

We had bowling. It was so great :D Shang Chuan was good in the first game. I was leading in the second game alright! Daniel had to go, so the rest took turns to play for him and he came in 1st in the end :( Ryan claimed that he's in the bowling team but.... hahaha! we caught AVP2 after the bowl. I think 1 was better. we hate to be squashed in the crowd so we went to have some desserts. mad people were running to catch the countdown and we were heading the opposite direction to the train. we spend our new year in the most special way, the train :D like whoooooooooo! so cool -.-

2008 will be great, I hope !

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